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Are you the new girl in town?  I was …. 8 years ago and really quite lonely.  I moved to Noosa, a stunning spot but I wanted to explore, linger while the sun set and share it with friends.

I missed my girlie network  aunts, mums, sisters, grandmas and mates, the people that you would normally turn to for advice and support, who you would share a glass of wine, bitch about your husband and laugh until you cried.

I thought that there must be more women in the area feeling like I was, so I put an ad in the paper and advertised for friends, the response was overwhelming.

Those first few days where so exhilarating and I would excitedly shout to my husband that “another email has came through!”  I couldn’t wait to open them and find out who they were from.  I would like to take this chance to thank each and everyone of those girls (you know who you are) for answering that ad, you changed my life and that of my husbands!  Happy wife, happy Life ;o)

Life Beyond 30 Noosa has 190 members and is steadily growing.  We also have groups in Maroochydore, Cooroy, Gympie, Brisbane, Tea Tree Gully and Elizabeth SA. I am determined to create these groups all over Australia, UK and the US.

We are for women 30 years and older who love to socialise and hang out with the girls.  The group suits singles all women no matter what the circumstance all you need to do is enjoy the company of women of all ages. We identified a need to help and support business women so we have business groups too.

If you are interested in the cinema, cocktails, walks and a bit of a giggle please get in touch all you have to do is go to our facebook page.The worst thing that could happen is that we are not your cup of tea, the best thing……you could make lifelong friends.

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Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson

I am in my forties, I have a teenager, Sophie and a toddler,Owen. I am married to a very hot but high maintenance ;o) englishman called Jamie who is an IT consultant and my lobster (soulmate). I worked in IT for a long time before jacking it all in to move to Noosa where I changed careers, built a house, got married, had a baby, started 2 business’s gained and lost a  business partner all in 7 years. My goal in life is to raise a happy family (women have to say that don’t they!) and to create communities for fun women all over the world.