“You were created as a unique individual with a special purpose to fulfil.  Deep inside you know what that purpose is and that it is the worthiest thing you can do in your life.”

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 Solo Goddess

Going it alone as a Goddess – or woman – in this day and age is not what it’s cracked up to be.  It also isn’t easy.  We have to sink or swim, sink meaning maybe weaken or be a victim or poor me type.  Swim meaning be a bit tougher than we perhaps normally would or would like to, having to make decisions alone and constantly being on the receiving end of ‘why aren’t you married or have a boyfriend? You’re attractive, intelligent, smart…’ – maybe that’s why!

There seems to be more and more of us women doing it solo without a mate by our side, never mind soul mate.

Things are harder financially and otherwise as a Solo Goddess, we have to do twice as much work in the home especially if we’re sole entrepreneurs.  We have to be cleaner, cook, shopper, handyman, washerwoman, hostess (if there is time left over!), secretary (to ourselves), CEO and gardener.  Did I leave anything out??

Our partnered friends tend to forget that we don’t have someone to bounce ideas, thoughts, worries, joys, plans, dreams or just plain whinging, off on a daily basis.  What does that do to us I wonder?  I remember a dear friend of mine saying that when you’re in love and have that person by your side, you can move mountains that you couldn’t even consider climbing on your own let alone moving.

There seems always to be an outnumbering of women to men, wherever I’ve been in the world, have you found that too?

If this resonates with you, fear not!  Don’t go to the nearest cliff and contemplate jumping.  We, as Solo Goddesses have also learnt to keep our femininity and sexuality intact, keep a sense of humour, never give up hope, nourish and care for our friends and loved ones, and multi task even more than usual.

Never give up hope is the one that sits most with me.  As a friend’s mother used to say, for every pot in the cupboard there is a lid.  So whilst I wait for my lid to come along in the shape of a White Knight, though I think not on a white steed but more likely a short-legged donkey, I keep powering on with the things I feel I am called to do, those things we do from sheer passion and love of which also serve others.

We all are unique.  And smart and brilliant and powerful beyond belief.  Problem is, do we really believe it?

Well you better!  We all have something special we’re here to do, a purpose that no one else can do in our way reaching the ones we will reach.  We must have faith and trust in that – and bucket loads of belief in ourselves.

You might not yet know what your purpose is – it took me most of my life to find mine in my later years – but find it you will.  And it’ll be something you’re passionate about, love doing and that you’re good at.  And it’ll probably be something that never even occurred to you that this is your purpose.

You see, we all see ourselves very differently to how others see us – usually worse or more negatively.  And we don’t necessarily know that we are good at doing something in particular because how would we?  We just do it and think so does everyone else.

What helped me was taking time out from work for a year in a very different place, giving myself time to spend on something I loved – my painting.  I found that I could hear my intuition more, that voice telling us what to do for our own highest good.  I found that people came out of the woodwork suddenly to support and help me along my path.

I was lead and guided by something much bigger than me – and still am – now 20 years later.  Sometimes I lose the plot totally and wonder what it’s all about.  Other times I’m so in the flow that I marvel at how things just happen so effortlessly.

Staying aligned on a path isn’t easy on your own, even when you’re a Goddess!  But listen up to what your inner voice is saying and you will be taken on a journey you never could have dreamed of.

I have a belief about there being so many Solo Goddesses out there (at least I know I’m not alone!) and that is it’s our time, women’s time – solo or otherwise.  In low places and high.  Very importantly in high – government positions, CEO’s of financial institutions, senior governmental positions and so on.

I believe with our time as women will also come peace with little or no war.  After all we know that violence never was or will be, the answer.  We women are generally speaking more spiritually advanced than men and are here to guide them, to heal and make our earth whole again.  Men will be there to support us in our roles as nourishers, cBeingarers and creators of a new world which is already here.

And so Solo Goddesses take up your positions and get ready for the changes which are upon us, we have a lot of work to do together.  We’re living in exciting times where the new paradigm is collaboration NOT competition.  We are here to contribute to that and make a difference, each and all of us in our own way.

There is a purpose and higher reason, I believe, to there being so many Solo Goddesses at this time.  For us to serve for the greater good of humanity requires that perhaps for part or much of our journey we need to tread this path solo, holding up our own strength and lifting up those below us, making sure our wings stay spread.

And along the way may our Princes turn up when we least expect it!  Always keep hope and above all, honour YOU and believe in your very beautiful and capable self.

With love and blessings


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