Since Owen has turned 3 we have been a bit braver and the family have ventured out to eat more often,  we are in practice for the arrival of my parents from Scotland in a few weeks.  We need to practise getting out the house quickly whilst remembering everything and then sit through a dinner without one of us throwing a tantrum…usually my husband:0)

Anyway, we have rediscovered Sunshine Beach and the delights of duke street, the choice of restaurants plus the laid back feel is perfect for family dining AND there is a park across the road.

Fratellinis   has a lovely relaxed feel, scrummy Italian food and great service, I only wish they still did BYO.  Mooshka is a favourite with the kids and us,  we can sit out the front and there is space for the kids to play.  I can’t go to Mooshka without ordering their superb fish tacos and the affogato.  The new kid on the block is Dragon Bull it promotes itself as serving Asian street food and Spanish tapas, but it seems to lean more to the Asian street food serving sushi, dumplings and century eggs (an egg which is buried in clay that ferments like cheese)!  The great thing about Dragon Bull is the live music, it drifts up the street so even if  you decide to grab a bottle of wine, some fish and chips and sit at one of the tables outside the restaurants you still get a bit ambiance.

If you go late afternoon or in the evening it’s not hard to find a spot to park your car, we live in Sunrise so we like to walk off all that good food and walk back along the beach.aqua signature 2…..