Don’t you just love a good girls night out?  I do and once a month we get together for a regular dinner in Noosa, it is usually a good night and I get to learn more about the girls in the group.
When it comes to choice of restaurant it is usually down to me, but I try and go for somewhere that is reasonably priced and has been recommended, this month it was Arcuri which is in the RACQ Resort.We had drinks and a chat in the bar before hand, the bar was quite swish and they had a nice cocktail menu but the service was slow, and we were waiting a while.  The Lychee Caprioska was delish and I would certainly have one of those again, but then Lychees are my thing just now ;o)
The food was good my duck was stunning and desert, although not pleasing to the eye, was also very good we went for the highlights deal which was good value

For me even though the food was good and the decor nice, the resort just has no atmosphere and I felt rushed.  We were hurried to our seats and then the bill was brought before we requested it, a big no no in my book.

Arcuri is nice for a quick meal for two but not for a large group who may want to linger and make a night of it….although can anyone tell me where is?aqua signature 2