You know that no man’s land in between xmas and new year?  The one where people post on social media that they don’t know which day it is?  I never feel like that, because whilst everyone else is relaxing or partying (which ever floats your boat) I am getting ready for the new year ahead, and have am already in the midsts of a clear out.

I like to begin each year afresh, with a clutter free home, organised cupboards and a clean – ish house.  Cleaning is not my priority as my mum will agree but I do love a good chuck out!  It’s my way of drawing a line under the previous year.  Anything we no longer have a use for is rounded up, carted off and split between my favourite op shops. (there are a few)

In years gone by that would be it, job done! Not any more…

You see now there is a digital aspect to my clean up, one that if done well will help cut out distractions and save me time.  Clearing up your emails and social media is as satisfying as clearing out your home, and will cut back on all that digital “chatter” that steals your time away.  So, here’s my list, do the same and you’ll thank me for it:  I promise!

  • Unsubscribe from all mailing lists that you no longer have an interest in. Can you imagine the amount of time you will save not having to delete all that junk mail when you log in?
  • Unlike or unfollow all the social media pages you no longer engage with. If you don’t use it or it’s not relevant, get rid!  Your newsfeed will be more meaningfull and you’ll spend less time scrolling through drivel.
  • Delete Apps or Games from your phones or computers that you no longer need.  Candy Crush, Hey Day whatever they need to go.
  • This ones for the non retired – Clean up your contacts on Linked IN, If you have not worked with someone and don’t know them, remove them as a connection. There is no value in having connections who you don’t currently or have never had, dialogue with.

So, that’s it!  That’s how I get ready for the New Year give it a try.   At the very least you’ve donated unwanted items to charity and will have less to do when the it’s spring clean time.  At the most you’ll save time, be organised and have more focus as you start the new year.

Oh and I should say if you unsubscribe from my newsletter or unfriend me I promise I won’t take it personally, how can I when you followed my advice?