We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ but how many of us actually live our lives that way?  Deb is one of our Noosa members and that’s exactly how she’s lived her life, and with us she is sharing her story….

I was born and schooled in NZ. School was uneventful which led to my departure for Sydney, on my own, just before my seventeenth birthday. As far as I was concerned, the big smoke was a stepping stone to the rest of the world.  My attitude was, “what better education could one ask for with no thought of a career to hinder that aim”

My employment history was in administration, sales, health, beauty and personal training on the side. There was always study interests going on and I was a good saver with zero debt.

Through my twenties and thirties I notched up over 60 countries, and one stint I travelled for two years straight.  I was smart enough to buy a unit in 1989 before I embarked on further travel, and accidently paid it off whilst travelling.  I’d left enough funds to cover 17.4% interest rate, which had halved by the time I got back, I was pretty lucky. This, combined with travel wariness and superannuation scepticism launched me onto the path of real estate, not as a career but for knowledge to invest.  I got my RE licence and bought three units over the six years I worked in the industry and then, yep ……… I went back to traveling.

I met my Kiwi husband just before I was due to do a seven month stint in Central America, upon my return I invited myself to join him on a job posting in Brunei. I was aged 43.

We enjoyed our four and a half years in the jungles of Borneo.  I was busy importing Thai silk to make soft furnishings and Myanmar lacquerware for my hobby business. I dabbled in the Australian share market and fluked a profit of 70K.  Again luck was on my side, as I had no idea what I was doing!

The next posting was Oman, a Muslim country which required us to be married.  So after some deliberation, we flew to Bali. I borrowed a waitress’s Balinese dress and we tied the knot with two borrowed witnesses.

We spent six and a half years having a whale of a privileged life in the Middle East. I continued buying product on India trips and also got involved with animal rescue.  I was three years into Naturopathy study during this Oman posting when I returned to Cootharaba (near Pomona) to renovate our Queenslander, and I developed an aggressive cancer.  Nine months later I emerged ‘a survivor’ , luck was on my side again, but I had lost interest in small business and owning anything, just in case the cancer came back.  Five years of remission can put life on hold.

The next posting was Texas, USA. It was supposed to be  four years but the oil and gas industry took a dive so we were only there for two and a half.  In that time I had discovered Microdermabrasion, came out of remission and was never so happy to return to Australia, to just be ‘home’ and regain some independence.

I decided not to join my husband in his current posting in Korea, so we bought a nice home just before he left and I started GEM Skin from our home, it’s a slow slog getting the word out there, but I love it.  As you would expect, I have various other projects marked on a whiteboard and I still study nutrition.

My life so far at 59 has been full of adventure, a volume of memories I carry around that I can recall at a moment’s notice, a worldly education and very fulfilling.