Don’t you just love New Year’s Resolutions? The year kicks off, we’re enthusiastic and determined, vowing to be a better person, or live a better life. New year’s resolutions are rarely kept, we set ourselves up for failure and beat ourselves up when it happens. Most resolutions are already broken by the second week in January, if not before.  A huge percentage are based around health and wellness; January is boom time for the industry as we all buy the latest gadget or recipe book that will get rid of the festive Kgs and therefore transform our lives in the year ahead.

Without fail, the resolutions I used to set each year usually went something like this…

  • Lose 5Kg’s, and keep it off THIS TIME – Sure you will!
  • Join the Gym, go 3 times a week forever and ever – You won’t, because let’s be honest the gym sucks, people who go to the gym ENJOY it. If you don’t, there is no point in joining save your cash…spend it on Prosecco!
  • Don’t get so drunk– It will never happen; I just don’t have that switch. But it will happen less, and if the odd night I end up having to be tucked up in bed, I will not beat myself up about it! I am not a bad person I just need to let my hair down occasionally.

About 5 years ago, I realised that none of the above would make me happy, I would not be happier 5Kgs lighter, I hated the gym so why would I make myself go? AND I like the odd wild night where I can dance and be silly with my girlfriends.  So, I changed how I thought about new year’s resolutions, and I now think… what would I LIKE to do?  It’s a question most women never ask we just keep doing what’s expected year in year out.  We look after kids and partners and they become reliant, used to us always being the constant, the one who is always at home.  So back to what I would LIKE to do…what did I want, what was the answer?  well for starters, to make sure that each year was different to the last, to ensure that I keep moving forward.

So here are my resolutions/goals for 2017, the first one is the same every year….

  • Go somewhere I’ve never been….and as of 5 years ago I always do.
  • Reduce the amount of recycling our house produces – I must take the family out of the equation for this one because it’s just too hard involving them, but given that I oversee the food shop, I can make a pretty big impact just by changing my buying habits.
  • Write more – I love writing it’s a great way to ease tension. So, I’ll blog more often but also write just for myself.  Some people draw, paint, exercise, sing whatever it is that you enjoy and that relaxes you, do more of it!
  • Go AWAY, ALONE for some glorious me time, I used to do this once a year before we moved to Australia. My son is 5 now, I think my husband can cope so the ritual is reinstated as of now.

These resolutions are indulgent.  They are all about me, stuff that I want to do, nothing to do with my kids or husband.  These goals are mine they are not intertwined with anyone else, they are for numero uno.

So, when you think about your resolutions think about what YOU would like to do, forget about what your husband would say or the kids, whether you can get time of work, or where the money will come from.  Forget the HOW, just write down the WHAT…. the rest will come later…

Happy New Year everyone and as the scots would say “lang may yer lum reek”, which means – “may you never be without fuel for your fire”