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Social Connections = healthy, happy women!


By Anne Marie Box

Almost without exception happy people report that good relationships are central to their sense of well-being.  This is not a surprise as people are social animals and having a sense of community and belonging is a primal need.

Living in Noosa can be a challenge for many of us who were born somewhere else and don’t necessarily have the support network of family and friends.  This leads to social isolation and negatively impacts on our sense of belonging to a community.

According to the Bureau of statistics over 53,000 people are residing in the greater area of Noosa.  Of those 13% reported being born somewhere other than Queensland, nearly 11,000 of those reporting that they were born overseas.

Wendy Wilson, the founder of a social networking group called LB30 was born in a “wee little village in Scotland” with a deep level of social connectivity.  Arriving here with her young family she said she struggled to develop a feeling of belonging, engagement and emotional security within the larger community.  Fortunately for us her dilemma fostered a unique idea of forming a ladies group which sought to enhance the ability of members to meet and develop new friendships in an emotionally safe environment.

Now in its eighth year and with over 180 members Wendy is notably proud of her achievements.  The group has exceeded her expectations and enhancing both individual and collective well-being amongst its members.

The LB30 group has a website and Facebook page where members are able to keep abreast of both organised and impromptu activities and facilitates communication between members.  For instance organised activities occur both Wednesday and Saturdays in the form of coffee mornings.  Several book clubs have also been started by various members as well as a stand-up paddling group and walking groups.

I love the Facebook page for its flexibility and the opportunity to keep up with the various events and people says Anne Marie Box a psychologist and member of L13237654_1758618241036566_6572660063700800291_n30 for several years.  “One Saturday I posted on the LB30 Facebook page asking if anyone would like to see a film playing later in the day.  A fellow member agreed to meet me there and since we have become firm friends.  It was a lovely introduction to someone I would not normally have met”.

Anne Marie went on to say that the LB30 group had enhanced her quality of life in Noosa and that she feels that she is a happier and more productive citizen.  She says that she often recommends the group to those people who are yet to develop the relationships within the community and feels very gratified to hear how grateful they are for the opportunity to connect.

Setting and Enforcing Boundaries

thumb_Setting and enforcing boundaries_1024As a business owner, do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? Do you find that your “to do” list grows faster than you can tick things off? Do you keep agreeing to do things that you really don’t want to do?

You might feel that it would be wonderful if there was a way to create more hours in a day so that you could complete all your tasks, but as you know, that just isn’t possible. The only way to achieve your goals is to set and enforce boundaries that allow you to get your work done.

Friends of ours have recently got a puppy – a Ridgeback/Staffy/Mastif cross. I watched with interest as they started training him. In just five months, he is obedient, house-trained, will come, sit, stay and lie down all just from hand signals.  He doesn’t nip your fingers or jump up at you; he’s an absolute delight. Our friends have set and enforced boundaries – and he knows and understands them.

In the same way, you have to train the people in your life – whether that’s family, friends or clients – on what your boundaries are. You do that by getting clear on them, communicating them to the people in your life, and enforcing them.

Take a moment to think about the people who tend to take up most of your time, and start thinking about the kinds of boundaries you want to (and can) set with these people.

For instance, with family members you might want to set boundaries around a space and time at home where you’ll be focused on working on your business.  You can explain that during those hours you’ll be in your office working on your business and you should not be disturbed unless it’s an emergency or absolutely necessary. You can also share with them the ways they can support you – maybe your partner can support you by watching the kids or making dinner. Perhaps the kids could help out by washing the dishes or taking the dog for a walk.

With friends, you can let them know that you’ll be spending more time focused on your business, (but do make plans to spend time with them outside your business hours).

And with clients, you can set boundaries on when or how often they can call, email and text you, and what your response times will be like. You can enforce these boundaries by not checking email or responding to texts or Facebook messages outside your business hours.

It’s also really important, when setting boundaries, to limit the negativity in your life – particularly with those who are not supportive of what you are doing.  If someone voices a negative or doubtful opinion about your business, politely ask them to stop, and if they don’t, then remove yourself from the conversation (and if possible, limit the amount of time you spend with them).

It’s important that you enforce your boundaries, because if you don’t, you’re sending a message that it’s ok for others to step over them. In the same way our friends won’t let their puppy rule their house, don’t let the people in your life step over your boundaries – they will soon learn how to adapt to them, and you will notice a definite increase in your productivity as a result.

And of course, while this blog post is talking about setting boundaries in our work life, boundaries are equally important in our personal lives. Where are you compromising on your boundaries, and what steps will you take to address this?

Jan Osmond

Becoming a Nana!

Becoming a Nana!

“We are only loaned people in our lives.  We cannot live other’s lives; we are only here to guide them”. – Sue Nutter 

In my forties, I never saw myself as a middle-aged woman – I looked after myself. I ran around teetering on my high heels, feeling I was a real Sexy Rexy.

I was never one of those women that suffered empty nesting syndrome either. Well, not until our 20-year-old moggie passed away.  He did not want to leave us and I guess you could say he was the last child to leave. He left us all with a tremendous loss, having travelled with us through so many memorable moments in our lives.

My husband, Paul, and I have been so lucky with our offspring; we never really had any huge challenges when they were growing up. We were a tight knit bunch as we had immigrated to our chosen country. Therefore, extended family was virtually nil.

Very early on, our children, Nikki and Lee, chose their lifelong partners. Therefore, our family grew by two, our son-in-law Mike, and daughter-in-law Mel, were part of our family in their teens. Paul and I were lucky to see them all with different challenges moving from adolescence into adulthood.  We look back now and say, “how wonderful!”, even though some of the time it felt like we were pulling our bottom lips over the top of our head.

When they all left home, taking the title of “nana” was very low on my list.  I was still sexy after all! A ten-year gap would do it!

Our beautiful daughter and son-in-law eventually yearned for their first-born, but sadly nothing happened. After a few years, they gave up, throwing themselves into careers and as so often happens, fate stepped in and the universe moved in mysterious ways. On a beautiful morning in Paris, a phone call from Nikki and Mike changed our lives forever.

The first scan took our breath away. Our baby was expecting her own baby, and it was surreal. By the next scan, we found out, we were expecting a granddaughter.  Nikki and Mike were literally on ‘Cloud Nine’, we all were. We knew from that moment that her given name was Harmony’lee.

She did not hang around either! She was ready and eager to meet her parents.  I was hoping to be at the birth but the independence of that little soul showed up straight away – she was going to do things on her terms.  She even caught the nurses off guard, and as Paul and I, Lee and Mel, flew into the room, Harmony’lee was already on her mother’s chest. Nikki and Mike standing there in total awe of this tiny parcel they had created.

In that moment, the jolt in my chest was so powerful; I cannot begin to describe it. The lioness in my bones started strolling around that room, guarding my family, watching as a parent but connecting in spirit to our grandchild. I will never forget watching this amazing transition before my eyes as our daughter and son-in-law connected in a sacred bond with their little girl. It was what I can only describe as the “next level”.

Nikki has turned out to be such a beautiful earth mother and Mike who shows his daughter how to block (boxing term) and then sits with her having cups of tea with the fairies makes me smile.

Harmony’lee is an old soul! She has definitely been here before. I see all our family and extended families in her.  She is such a strong-minded, vibrant child who commands respect and deserves it. She has taught me so much in her two short years.

It is an amazing love, I feel so honoured to be part of her life and I melt when she shouts, “Nana” or “Pop”, and her laughter refreshes our soul like an instant shot of happiness.

It is one of the best jobs we have ever had (other than being a mum and dad). She reminds us so much of her mum at that age, but she is also her own person. Like parents, we are investing 110% into it.  It is a huge gift: I cannot begin to describe it, you will be gobsmacked at the amount of love you find. Such a rewarding job. It is like a second chance you get to make up for the mistakes you made with your own children.

I want to be the best nana to our precious pie; I want to inspire her, and for her to know beyond any doubt, that in life or death I will be always be there for her, no matter what. She is an extension of our daughter- a love so pure, deep and magical, she is our Harmony’lee.

HOWEVER, still! months down the line, I have the occasional HOLY F*CK moments when I think, “I’m a grandmother?” Yep, reluctantly, Sexi Rexy has finally hung up her high heels for orthotics!

“Love her but leave her wild.” ― Atticus

With gratitude
    Sue Nutter

The joy of being a single woman, times are a changing!

“You were created as a unique individual with a special purpose to fulfil.  Deep inside you know what that purpose is and that it is the worthiest thing you can do in your life.”

Goddess of Being, (GoddessGuides) IntuitionGuidance Cards

 Solo Goddess

Going it alone as a Goddess – or woman – in this day and age is not what it’s cracked up to be.  It also isn’t easy.  We have to sink or swim, sink meaning maybe weaken or be a victim or poor me type.  Swim meaning be a bit tougher than we perhaps normally would or would like to, having to make decisions alone and constantly being on the receiving end of ‘why aren’t you married or have a boyfriend? You’re attractive, intelligent, smart…’ – maybe that’s why!

There seems to be more and more of us women doing it solo without a mate by our side, never mind soul mate.

Things are harder financially and otherwise as a Solo Goddess, we have to do twice as much work in the home especially if we’re sole entrepreneurs.  We have to be cleaner, cook, shopper, handyman, washerwoman, hostess (if there is time left over!), secretary (to ourselves), CEO and gardener.  Did I leave anything out??

Our partnered friends tend to forget that we don’t have someone to bounce ideas, thoughts, worries, joys, plans, dreams or just plain whinging, off on a daily basis.  What does that do to us I wonder?  I remember a dear friend of mine saying that when you’re in love and have that person by your side, you can move mountains that you couldn’t even consider climbing on your own let alone moving.

There seems always to be an outnumbering of women to men, wherever I’ve been in the world, have you found that too?

If this resonates with you, fear not!  Don’t go to the nearest cliff and contemplate jumping.  We, as Solo Goddesses have also learnt to keep our femininity and sexuality intact, keep a sense of humour, never give up hope, nourish and care for our friends and loved ones, and multi task even more than usual.

Never give up hope is the one that sits most with me.  As a friend’s mother used to say, for every pot in the cupboard there is a lid.  So whilst I wait for my lid to come along in the shape of a White Knight, though I think not on a white steed but more likely a short-legged donkey, I keep powering on with the things I feel I am called to do, those things we do from sheer passion and love of which also serve others.

We all are unique.  And smart and brilliant and powerful beyond belief.  Problem is, do we really believe it?

Well you better!  We all have something special we’re here to do, a purpose that no one else can do in our way reaching the ones we will reach.  We must have faith and trust in that – and bucket loads of belief in ourselves.

You might not yet know what your purpose is – it took me most of my life to find mine in my later years – but find it you will.  And it’ll be something you’re passionate about, love doing and that you’re good at.  And it’ll probably be something that never even occurred to you that this is your purpose.

You see, we all see ourselves very differently to how others see us – usually worse or more negatively.  And we don’t necessarily know that we are good at doing something in particular because how would we?  We just do it and think so does everyone else.

What helped me was taking time out from work for a year in a very different place, giving myself time to spend on something I loved – my painting.  I found that I could hear my intuition more, that voice telling us what to do for our own highest good.  I found that people came out of the woodwork suddenly to support and help me along my path.

I was lead and guided by something much bigger than me – and still am – now 20 years later.  Sometimes I lose the plot totally and wonder what it’s all about.  Other times I’m so in the flow that I marvel at how things just happen so effortlessly.

Staying aligned on a path isn’t easy on your own, even when you’re a Goddess!  But listen up to what your inner voice is saying and you will be taken on a journey you never could have dreamed of.

I have a belief about there being so many Solo Goddesses out there (at least I know I’m not alone!) and that is it’s our time, women’s time – solo or otherwise.  In low places and high.  Very importantly in high – government positions, CEO’s of financial institutions, senior governmental positions and so on.

I believe with our time as women will also come peace with little or no war.  After all we know that violence never was or will be, the answer.  We women are generally speaking more spiritually advanced than men and are here to guide them, to heal and make our earth whole again.  Men will be there to support us in our roles as nourishers, cBeingarers and creators of a new world which is already here.

And so Solo Goddesses take up your positions and get ready for the changes which are upon us, we have a lot of work to do together.  We’re living in exciting times where the new paradigm is collaboration NOT competition.  We are here to contribute to that and make a difference, each and all of us in our own way.

There is a purpose and higher reason, I believe, to there being so many Solo Goddesses at this time.  For us to serve for the greater good of humanity requires that perhaps for part or much of our journey we need to tread this path solo, holding up our own strength and lifting up those below us, making sure our wings stay spread.

And along the way may our Princes turn up when we least expect it!  Always keep hope and above all, honour YOU and believe in your very beautiful and capable self.

With love and blessings


Ms Glen Ladegaard heARTistic Mentor | Guiding you along your artistic path

We are all Creative Beings.  It is vital we express this  in our lives.  As a heARTistic Mentor my purpose is to support you as you discover your artistic path. I help you to get back to your heART through any artistic pursuit or career you feel drawn to, abolishing fear on the way.

I’m not good enough, too old or don’t have time? Sound familiar? Read On…..

Jan OsmondWe’ve all watched children at play. Their imaginations know no bounds – they are creative, resourceful, excited – and nothing stops them from fulfilling their imaginary play. Similarly, when asked what they want to do when they grow up, they have no mental barriers. “I’m going to be a vet”, “an astronaut”, “a movie star”, they tell you, with no doubt in their mind they will achieve it. It’s the adults that spoil their dreams. We give them a ‘reality check’ and tell them things like “that’s too hard”, “very few people achieve it”, “only men can do that job” and, in a moment, their dreams are snatched.

This ‘realism’ is just a limit we put upon ourselves and then project onto others. As we grow up, this ‘realism’ translates into negative self-talk, so deep-rooted that we don’t recognize it for what it is – just a limiting belief – rather, we accept it and even look for evidence from our previous experiences to back up and prove its’ validity.  Our brain is wired to search for evidence supporting our thoughts; it wants us to be right, and will keep obeying the instruction to find evidence until we are convinced. We tell ourselves that the situation is hopeless. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m too old”, “I’m unrealistic”, “See, I knew I couldn’t do that”. When we give up, the brain has accomplished it’s mission and it waits for the next instruction while we try to pick up and repair our shattered confidence.

The more we practice this negative self-talk, the better we become at it. We might challenge it occasionally – we decide we are going to attempt something new – to lose weight; to learn a new skill; to start our own business – and we go all out in the beginning but as soon as things don’t go our way (we give in to that cream cake and tell ourselves we’ve ‘blown our diet’ or we tell someone about our business venture/idea and they ridicule it) our old patterns kick in and we give up.

Does this sound like you? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do and still haven’t achieved? Do you feel time is running out?

I urge you not to give up on your dreams. Whatever excuse you are telling yourself, is just that – an excuse. Like children, you are already creative, resourceful and whole. You have within you everything you need to succeed at whatever it is you want to achieve. Your challenge is not that you can’t afford that dream holiday, that you’re too old, or that no one wants the product or service you are offering. Your challenge is that you are letting your negative self-talk win. You are choosing to believe, and therefore accept, defeat.

Remember that the brain wants us to be right? What if we stop listening to the negative self-talk and start focusing on the positive? Can you see that the brain will want to prove us right, and start looking for positive evidence? Nothing is impossible, if you reprogram your thinking. Of course, you can’t just dream and think positive thoughts and expect your dreams to come true! You need to create a detailed, step by step action plan of all the steps you need to take, and then you have to work the plan, taking action towards your dream every single day. You might consider working with a coach and/or a mentor – someone you trust, who wants you to succeed and who will support, encourage and hold you accountable until you reach your goal.

Understand that there will be setbacks. Things might not go as well as you hope – most successful people have overcome incredible odds to get where they are today – but the only way you can fail is if you give up on your dreams.

What would you do, if you knew you could not fail?

Hysterectomy, Toilet Yoga & Prunes



At 43 I was way too young to have a prolapse and need a hysterectomy, however that was the deal… my insides were out!

I was sick of wetting myself when I laughed, cried, coughed, sneezed or bounced on the trampoline with my son.  The sad fact is that I partially caused this, not by having two babies but also by having Bulimia since I was in my early twenties.  Bulimia damages your pelvic floor. Its a fact, and when I’m in the grips of it, my head’s down the loo and I wee on the floor. Thankfully in the months running up to the op I got the help that I needed and it worked, finally I could go ahead with the hysterectomy without doing further damage down the track.

After 2 children, and 20 years of vomiting, my nether regions were in a bit of a mess.  It felt like a weight was in my belly… constantly, like a baby’s head just waiting to POP out. Then there was also the pee problem.. I simply couldn’t! Ironically it was never an issue when I coughed etc., that was unavoidable, but on the loo … nope, nuh uh, no way – it wasn’t happening! I became an expert at Toilet Yoga: the art of encouraging peeing through various precarious positions, breathing & FOCUS!

That is how I found myself being wheeled into theatre, about to have my womb (did you know that your womb was also your uterus? I DIDN’T!) whipped out and bladder hitched up (I’m keeping my ovaries). Last time I had an anesthetic I was 7, my appendix was removed and what still haunts me, is the cannula thingy. I DON’T LIKE CANNULAS.  A hysterectomy is a major op, but that cannula had me in a right state! The anesthetic took hold and off I drifted on a lovely cloud of bliss. Which didn’t last.

Hours later, the first op had gone wrong!  I had internal bleeding, my blood pressure was dangerously low and I was back in theatre where they drained a litre of blood from my stomach. I woke up hours later in Intensive Care, feeling a bit rough but obviously not that bad, because the patient next to me was getting on my nerves (feel quite bad about that now). Horror of horrors I wake up to find, I had not 1 but 3 cannulas’!!

The rest of my time in hospital was pretty normal – oxygen, catheter, Zimmer frame and huge sanitary pads, trying to pee without a catheter, not succeeding and ending up with the pesky thing back in again.  I read lots of books, slept a lot and ate Prunes, LOTS OF PRUNES, they are the food of the devil.  Prunes you see, are needed because the medication constipates you, so although they are evil they are a necessary evil, the alternative is much worse.

Hospital wards are a hive of activity in the morning: nurses, catering, cleaners, physio etc, all arrive to do their stuff, but why oh why must the physio come after the prunes and Movicol?  It’s just not right! This is when your extra-large sanitary pads come in handy. Twice during my zimmer power walk around the ward the prunes went into action.  It’s impossible to move fast when you’ve had an op like this, I crossed my fingers that the extra large mother of a sanitary pad would not let me down, and moved along at Zimmer pace, willing that nothing would escape down my leg whilst en-route to the loo..  Upon arrival at the loo, reality kicked in, this was a logistical nightmare! How do you pull poo-filled undies down, remove the pad (and poo) all whilst standing on one leg and leaning on a Zimmer? Oh and did I mention that you can’t bend?.  The answer is, you don’t!  You end up dropping the crap filled pad, poo flies everywhere, you swallow your pride and ring the bell for help.  Mortified does not come into it, but hey let’s look on the bright side, at least I didn’t run the Zimmer through the poo and trail it all the way back to my room.

I was in hospital for just over a week,  I had 2 blood transfusions which made me feel amazing, the change you feel after one of those, is so quick.  I wish I could give some back when I’m better, but because I have lived in the UK I can’t. I had very little pain around my tummy, it was all down the back of my leg which surprised me but is apparently normal.  After a week I came home and a week later went back and had the catheter removed.  You aren’t allowed to go with out the catheter until you are emptying your bladder satisfactorily, which involves drinking a lot, weeing and having an ultrasound on the bladder to measure how many mls are left.  I had mine removed with 150ml still inside.  This will be monitored at each check up.

Recovery: The surgeon will tell you, “you will be uncomfortable” for a few weeks, believe me that is an under statement – it hurts like hell.  I could not stand or walk for long without my leg giving up on me and had a limp for at least the first 4 weeks. Sitting upright for too long or on a hard surface was also very uncomfortable, even at 8 weeks down the line.

Before the op I couldn’t find practical advice from other patients about what to expect or what to take with me, which is why I have written this blog. I hope it helps women who are planning a hysterectomy understand a bit about what to expect.  I know, that no two experiences are the same but maybe sharing mine will help.

Below is my essential kit for your op and time in hospital.

  1. Get in shape I didn’t lose weight (because I like wine too much) but I swam as often as I could and ate well, to get myself ready
  2. Take night dresses (one for each day), not Pj’s you need comfort around your tummy area and  nurses need access to your nether regions to check  healing etc.
  3. Wax or shave down below, I didn’t, so the nurse did it and sheared me like a sheep in a shearing contest!
  4. Take big cotton knickers, cheap ones that you can throw in the bin if they get in a mess.
  5. Sanitary pads, 2 packs of night time ones and a pack of lighter ones. Required for both ends I’m afraid.
  6. Eat the prunes, drink the pear juice and take the Movicol, the last thing you need is more pain and straining in that area.
  7. Take books, magazines, puzzles anything to keep you from boredom. Keep visitors to a minimum until you get home. If they do come half hour tops, then kick them out. They will understand.
  8. Move around your room or walk around the ward (before Prunes or after they’ve done the job)
  9. Drink plenty water.
  10. Take lip balm, for some reason your lips are very dry when you come out of surgery.
  11. Keep a toilet bag of essentials next to your bed to help you feel “nice” face wipes, moisturiser, body lotion. I like essential oils so I had some of those with me too.

It’s been 12 weeks since the operation, I still have pain in my leg but it’s getting better each week with physio. I pace myself each day, do work in the morning and rest in the afternoon.  On days after physio I don’t do much as I’m always a bit tender. Toilet yoga is still required and probably always will be, but that’s ok I can cope with that.  I can drive now, the surgeon said 2 weeks post op but I found I wasn’t fit enough until 4 weeks and even now only short distances.   My biggest frustration is that I am desperate to get back in the pool but can’t until the wounds are healed and stitches gone, as the risk of infection is too great.  So I am taking the time to read a lot, write and watch Netflix!  I have received gorgeous visitors baring gifts and helping me while away the hours with their chat.  Take the recovery time to have a break and try out some things that you’ve never had the time to do before.

It’s not an easy road but even with the bumps along the way  I am very happy that I made the decision to have the op,even just for the wonderful down time.

The exact procedure I had was A TVT, Vaginal Hysterectomy, Anterior and Posterier Vaginal Repair, Sacrospinous Fixation and Cystoscopy.  Mouthfull huh?




Decisions, Decisions…..

Does anyone else have days when you just can’t make a decision?

Sometimes it can be really difficult and other times a decision can be made without much thought, recently for me, the former has been the case.

A while back I had a shopping list of bits and pieces I needed, a bra, make up, moisturizer, shampoo, facial wipes and sunscreen.  So of I popped to the shops armed with my list, I had a spare hour, easy……or so I thought.

An hour and a half later I am back home without any of the things on my list because I couldn’t make a decision.   Make up with or without youth inducing serum? A bra which pushes your chest together or up? Shampoo that protects hair colour or gives me added moisture? and facial wipes that brighten my skin or tackle my wrinkles?  Arrghhhhhhhhhh

Since when did simple things become so complex, and why is it that some days I can choose without thinking and others I can’t decide what to have for breakfast!

A few weeks on I finally have almost everything on my list, except …….. a bra.  It seems to be impossible to find a comfortable bra that doesn’t look like a hammock or push, pull, pump or boost your boobs!  What’s going on?  I’m not in my 20’s my breast boosting days are over but likewise I am not in my 80’s and would like something that’s pretty AND comfortable.

looks like I am sticking with my old grey but VERY comfortable Ah bra!!

The delights of duke street, sunshine beach…

Since Owen has turned 3 we have been a bit braver and the family have ventured out to eat more often,  we are in practice for the arrival of my parents from Scotland in a few weeks.  We need to practise getting out the house quickly whilst remembering everything and then sit through a dinner without one of us throwing a tantrum…usually my husband:0)

Anyway, we have rediscovered Sunshine Beach and the delights of duke street, the choice of restaurants plus the laid back feel is perfect for family dining AND there is a park across the road.

Fratellinis   has a lovely relaxed feel, scrummy Italian food and great service, I only wish they still did BYO.  Mooshka is a favourite with the kids and us,  we can sit out the front and there is space for the kids to play.  I can’t go to Mooshka without ordering their superb fish tacos and the affogato.  The new kid on the block is Dragon Bull it promotes itself as serving Asian street food and Spanish tapas, but it seems to lean more to the Asian street food serving sushi, dumplings and century eggs (an egg which is buried in clay that ferments like cheese)!  The great thing about Dragon Bull is the live music, it drifts up the street so even if  you decide to grab a bottle of wine, some fish and chips and sit at one of the tables outside the restaurants you still get a bit ambiance.

If you go late afternoon or in the evening it’s not hard to find a spot to park your car, we live in Sunrise so we like to walk off all that good food and walk back along the beach.aqua signature 2…..


It’s been a long time coming….

I have been thinking about a website for almost 2 years now but could never quite find the time to get it of the ground, so today is quite a big day for Life Beyond 30 because we have finally done it and our website is live!!!!

Building a website isn’t easy and not just from the technical perspective, the look and feel is very important, we wanted something that reflected the group.  How do you come up with something that represents such a diverse group of women?  Honestly….we have no idea and I am still not 100% sure that we’ve got it right but we do have something, and it will evolve as we grow.

TJ and I are hopeful that this website will open up the concept of Life Beyond 30 to women in other areas of Australia and that eventually we can replicate this model in other countries.

A few thank yous to those who have helped us get this far…..

Nell Harvey, TJ Berkman, Glen Ladegaard and Julie Cortenbach you are all awesome!!

And  to all the gorgeous ladies who turn up to the events, organize them and help and support each other Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Here’s to another fab 5 years ;o) aqua signature 2


Saturday night out in Noosa


Don’t you just love a good girls night out?  I do and once a month we get together for a regular dinner in Noosa, it is usually a good night and I get to learn more about the girls in the group.
When it comes to choice of restaurant it is usually down to me, but I try and go for somewhere that is reasonably priced and has been recommended, this month it was Arcuri which is in the RACQ Resort.We had drinks and a chat in the bar before hand, the bar was quite swish and they had a nice cocktail menu but the service was slow, and we were waiting a while.  The Lychee Caprioska was delish and I would certainly have one of those again, but then Lychees are my thing just now ;o)
The food was good my duck was stunning and desert, although not pleasing to the eye, was also very good we went for the highlights deal which was good value

For me even though the food was good and the decor nice, the resort just has no atmosphere and I felt rushed.  We were hurried to our seats and then the bill was brought before we requested it, a big no no in my book.

Arcuri is nice for a quick meal for two but not for a large group who may want to linger and make a night of it….although can anyone tell me where is?aqua signature 2