Hello to you women, all you lovely women!

My name is Margaret Fletcher, I was widowed six years ago after a marriage of 52 Years. For the first time ever I wasn’t responsible to or for anyone – only me. This is a stage where one wonders what can I still contribute to the community in which I live?  But each and every day is a good day! A walking cane or frame may assist with a mobile disability – but it doesn’t disable a positive attitude; or having fun; or being silly; or caring; or writing a note of thanks or condolence. Then there’s a word of encouragement to all who pass through one’s day: a smile: a positive word, listening to what is said, sharing what one has to offer.

It’s also about keeping in touch with our 22 grandchildren who are now scattered around the world, encouraging them in their exploits, by using electronic devices. It’s about sharing my bed with our 23 year old granddaughter when she comes to stay.. (I wonder what other young girls would wonder about sharing their grandmother’s bed as we talk and giggle into the early hours?) Being alongside our great-grandchildren and teaching them the rhymes and sayings we learnt as children, but are disappearing. The little one’s love it!

Slowly I came to understand the ways are manifold. It’s no big deal. It’s about sharing what we have tucked away within us after many years of life’s experience. Looking back, I’ve come to understand that I was empowered by the Headmistress at the High School l attended. I was called to her office because of a stupid decision I’d made. Rather than being scolded, I was told I had common sense and was a responsible girl, so I was dismissed without knowing the empowering effect that had.

Older women have also shown me how to age with dignity. Though they are no longer with us, I truly thank them for what they have empowered me to be. I am the person I am, because of the wonderful people who have contributed and continue to be part of my life.


Life is good ….and all the above is a diatribe of rubbish ‘cos it’s all about ME!