Does anyone else have days when you just can’t make a decision?

Sometimes it can be really difficult and other times a decision can be made without much thought, recently for me, the former has been the case.

A while back I had a shopping list of bits and pieces I needed, a bra, make up, moisturizer, shampoo, facial wipes and sunscreen.  So of I popped to the shops armed with my list, I had a spare hour, easy……or so I thought.

An hour and a half later I am back home without any of the things on my list because I couldn’t make a decision.   Make up with or without youth inducing serum? A bra which pushes your chest together or up? Shampoo that protects hair colour or gives me added moisture? and facial wipes that brighten my skin or tackle my wrinkles?  Arrghhhhhhhhhh

Since when did simple things become so complex, and why is it that some days I can choose without thinking and others I can’t decide what to have for breakfast!

A few weeks on I finally have almost everything on my list, except …….. a bra.  It seems to be impossible to find a comfortable bra that doesn’t look like a hammock or push, pull, pump or boost your boobs!  What’s going on?  I’m not in my 20’s my breast boosting days are over but likewise I am not in my 80’s and would like something that’s pretty AND comfortable.

looks like I am sticking with my old grey but VERY comfortable Ah bra!!